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Dillon/Quality Plus, Inc.'s experience in force and torque measurements spans generations. W. C. Dillon & Company, Inc. (as DQ Plus was known then) was founded

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Mark-10 Manual Test Stands

Mark-10 Manual Test Stands come with a variety of different models and options for tension and compression force measurement up to 1000 lbF (5 kN).

All are compatible with Mark-10 and other force gauges.


Mark-10 Motorized Test Stands

With Programmable speed, Mark-10 Motorized Test Stands produce more consistency than manual stands.

In addition, they have more advanced functionality while producing tension and compression force up to 1,500 lbF (6.7 kN)

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Mark-10 Force Gauges

Mark-10 force gauges measure tension and compression and are available in a variety of different series options.

Gauges measure real time and peak forces from 0.12 to 1,000 lbF (0.5 to 5,000 N).


Mark-10 Torque Gauges

Mark-10 torque gauges work with both real and peak torque values in both clockwise and counterclockwise directions.

There are several series options with capacities ranging from 10 ozFin to 100 lbFin (7 to 1,150 Ncm).

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Mark-10 Force and Torque Sensors

All Mark-10 Force / Torque Sensors may be interchanged with Mark-10 indicators.

Force capacities range from 0.25 to 10,000 lbF (1 N to 50 kN) , with Torque capacities from 10 ozFin to 5,000 lbFin (7 Ncm to 550 Nm)

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Mark-10 Force and Torque Indicators

All three models of the Mark-10 force/torque indicator may be used with Mark-10 interchangeable sensors.

Each model has different features, specifications and pricing. All measure real time as well as peak loads.

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Mark-10 Wire Terminal Testers

Mark-10 Wire Terminal Testers are designed for wire terminal crimp strength measuring.

With a 200 lbF (1,000 N) capacity, onboard data storage and automatic output, both the manual and motorized versions accommodate a variety of wire diameters.

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Mark-10 Grips and Attachments

Mark-10 Grips and Attachments are used in a variety of industries for their force and torque measurement applications.

All grips and attachments may be mounted to our gauges and test stands. With a variety of styles and capacities, you’re sure to find the right one for your application.

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Mark-10 COF Gauge

This handy, gauge allows you to measure static and dynamic coefficients of friction and also may also be used for a number of tension and compression testing applications.

With a 2 lbF (10 N) capacity, the Mark-10 COF gauge conforms to ASTM D1894.

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Mark-10 Software

Tabulating, plotting, and analyzing the data you receive from your Mark-10 force and torque gauges and test stands is easy with The MESUR™ software series.

Exporting data to Excel with just one button and easy to read configuring reports/report templates makes analyzing data a breeze.

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Mark-10 Ergonomics Kits

Mark-10’s handy ergonomics kits make job task analysis and ergonomic testing analysis easy– as well as accurate.

There are two options, which include digital force gauge, software, USB cable, hand grips, padded attachments, clevis grip, and accessories. Kits are available in capacities ranging from 100 to 500 lbF (500 to 2,500 N).

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Mark-10 Accessories

We offer a variety of accessories to complement our Mark-10 product lines. Force Measurement accessories include:
• AC adapters and batteries
• Cables
• Calibration kits
• Eye end adapters
• Handle grips
• Mounting kits