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The LPH Own Your Market Niche Program incorporates four important LPH programs to get your business to the very top of the search rankings AND convert visitors into customers.
  1. LPH Search Engine Submissions Elevate Your Search Rankings: Correct Meta tag titles, descriptions, and keywords are important if you want high search rankings. LPH understands the rules: we have the expertise and analytical tools to develop the correct compliant meta tags necessary to get you there. AND monthly reports are supplied so you can monitor your results.
  2. Our Internet Marketing Program will Pump Up Your Website Business: Getting visitors to your site is only part of the equation–getting them to stay there is the key. With the PUYWB Digital Marketing Program when visitors go to your site they will understand your USP (Unique Selling Position) and know why they should do business with you.
  3. LPH Microdata Experts will help you Rise to the Search Ranking Pinnacle: LPH experts apply Microdata–a Google, Bing, and Yahoo requirement–making sure sites with optimized content AND Microdata to get to the top of these key search rankings listings.
  4. Our TF-IDF Experts will analyze and improve the TF-IDF data on your website to out-compete your online competitors : The most advanced TF-IDF tools in the hands of highly experienced staff with LPH TF-IDF expertise ensures that the optimum term frequency and inverse document frequency are used.
Getting to the top of SERP rankings with an effective marketing message is extremely important because:

  • A ranking on Page 1 gives you 19 times better click through rate than one on Page 2
  • A ranking on Page 1 gives you 83 times better click through rate than one on Page 3
Combining an Effective Marketing Message with Very High Search Rankings means you OWN Your Market Niche

OWN Your Market Niche today-contact LPH and let us help you increase the business you get from your website.

TF-IDF Analysis

TF-IDF Analysis


TF-IDF Experts


The level of competition for the highest search rankings continues to become more intense–the number of websites competing for top positions are expanding rapidly. This is compelling companies that want their website ranked at the top to employ sophisticated methodologies to gain and maintain a competitive advantage. The most sophisticated and effective methodology is analyzing your TF-IDF rankings by experts in the TF-IDF process. The information retrieval process includes acquiring term frequency as well as the inverse document frequency and the total number of times a specific search term is used as part of the ranking equation.

Search engines now use linguistic datasets to assist in understanding “entity salience” on web pages. Simply stated: how often related terms are used on a page determines how important a specific subject is. Topical relevance in search results has become more important than the presence of individual keywords.

Today, true search optimization requires a focus on entire semantic keyword groups instead of individual search terms. Semantic based search rankings require a much more sophisticated process including an analysis of your TF-IDF results *.

*TF-IDF is an abbreviation for "Term Frequency - Inverse Document Frequency." which is a calculation of how often the search term grouping is in the corpus of documents (your website).It is used to measure the importance of a given search term on a page and throughout the entire website. By analyzing a larger set of pages TF-IDF determines how important a specific search term is. Because Google uses TF-IDF in indexing knowing what the TF-IDF is for a specific term on a high ranking website is very useful information.

Analyse TF-IDF data

Structured Data Expertise

Focusing on keyword density is no longer enough. Schema Microdata and JSON-LD are types of Rich Snippets or Structured Data that makes it easier for search engines to interpret the content marketing on your web pages more effectively. This allows them to serve relevant results to users based on search queries. How LPH Structured Data Expertise Works:

  • Structured Data schemas are organized by types. These “types” help identify your product(s) or services by a combination of attributes, including images, descriptions and brand names.
  • By incorporating Structured Data in to the HTML of your web pages— rich snippets convey this information describes a specific product, service, or place."—Structured Data assists in getting high rankings with the engines and other applications better understand your content and display it in a useful, relevant way.
  • Google results are aided by having structured data
  • Websites that have optimized content AND Structured Data rank at the top.
A key advantage to having LPH employ Structured Data is that statistics show a listing on Page One of Google search results provides 19 times better click through rate than a site listed on Page two. A LPH client who is a manufacturer in the Bay Area reports that his website now attracts 1,000 additional unique visitors per month with the implementation of Structured Data on his website.