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Digital marketing defined: "The marketing of products or services using multiple digital modalities mainly focused on the Internet."

Digital marketing

is best when using the combination of:
  • Inbound marketing–allowing your business to attract and connect with your target markets to reach potential customers
  • Targeted Outbound digital marketing– programs to help maintain contact with current customers.

Savvy top digital businesses leverage Digital Marketing efforts through online communication channels such as Google search, social media marketing, and email marketing campaigns. This allows their websites to connect with current and prospective customers and present their content marketing message.

LPH's Top Digital Marketing Experts assist clients from Los Angeles to New York to Rome. We know that connecting with your target audience is what  online marketing has always been about; however, the methods people use to research products and services has changed dramatically. In today’s marketplace connecting happens where potential customers are already spending time–on the Internet.

Digital Marketing Assets:

  • Your website
  • Blog posts
  • Interactive tools
  • Social media channels (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram)
  • Earned online coverage (PR, social media, and reviews)
  • Online marketing brochures
  • YouTube videos
  • Branding assets (logos, market positioning statements, etc.)

LPH has a variety of Digital Marketing Programs to offer:

Content Marketing

LPH Digital Marketing experts
take the time to research and understand your business offerings. We then create an exceptional online marketing strategy leading to development of emotive content as part of your digital marketing campaign. The new content will clearly spell out  the reason people should be doing business with your company.

When complete, your website will have effective content marketing message setting  you apart from your competitors.

Structured Data

Schema and J-SON Microdata are types of structured data
that makes it easier for a search engine to interpret the information on your website pages more effectively, allowing them to serve relevant results to users based on search queries.

LPH Structured Data experts place these informational tags on your site to better present information to the search engines.

Search Engine Optimization

To achieve the highest rankings your website pages content must be optimized for the best results.

LPH Search Engine Optimization programs provide content marketing compliant HTML5 with the latest optimization rules and is embedded with search terms to attract targeted web traffic.

Search Engine Submissions

Regularly scheduled website submissions is a key ranking factor to ensure you rank high in the SERP.

LPH Submissions ensure your website is continuously ranked higher, bringing more website traffic and customers for your business.

Targeted Outbound Email Marketing

LPH’s Outbound Email Marketing program is a way to regularly present digital marketing information about products to existing customers,  reach out to new ones, and track the results. This requires a great  strategy and fresh content creation to keep your customers engaged.

We create a content marketing strategy and manage all of your outbound email marketing campaigns, enabling you to focus on providing the products and/or services you want your customers to choose from you.

TF-IDF Experts

* TF-IDF stands for "Term Frequency -  Inverse Document Frequency." TF-IDF measures the importance of a given keyword on a page and throughout the entire website.

Google uses TF-IDF in indexing so, armed with TF-IDF data, LPH’s highly trained SEO staff revises and tests your website until it out-performs your competitors.

Advanced Website Visitor Metrics

A successful website today must use visitor metrics to measure what works and what needs to improve.

With advanced visitor metrics you receive a monthly report providing comprehensive visitor activity. In addition, we provide a quarterly comprehensive review/consultation with LPH Internet marketing experts.

Competitive Intelligence

LPH Internet Website Competitive Intelligence tracks your competitor’s search engine rankings monthly and lets you know about any increased rankings on specific phrases.

 LPH SEO experts then provide you with strategies to outperform them.

Complete Marketing Program

With LPH Complete Marketing, we act as your defacto marketing department and become responsible for your entire inbound and outbound marketing efforts.

LPH Complete Marketing is perfect for companies who don’t have a dedicated website marketing team with a comprehensive knowledge of the ever changing Internet market. Our Experts do the  content creation work for you.

Customized SugarCRM

LPH Customized SugarCRM is a SugarCRM solution with extensive customization. LPH modifies SugarCRM work effectively in your specific business environment.

The LPH custom SugarCRM solution resides on our high performance servers and is affordable to small and medium sized businesses.

Please review Our Suite of Digital Marketing SEO & Metrics Based Marketing Programs and see how your business will thrive with LPH as your marketing partner. We are here to assist you in growing your business and profits.

Contact us today and enjoy the benefits of the LPH Digital Marketing Suite.